Make the most of apprenticeships

With qualifications now available up to degree level, and open to people of all ages, it’s a great time to consider how apprenticeships can support your organisation. Camden Apprenticeships offer a free employer service to help organisations employ the best talent. From job scoping, to advertising, screening and on the job support, the service can help employers to navigate apprenticeship recruitment.

Camden Apprenticeships provide free advice and recruitment support to help organisations plan and develop their apprenticeships programmes. Take the opportunity to explore how you can use apprenticeships in your organisation.

Apprenticeships have recently undergone wide ranging changes, and are now available to people of all ages, including those already holding degrees. The qualifications are no longer just for entry level roles either. People can qualify up to Masters level through an apprenticeship.

The recent changes to apprenticeships mean they are now an attractive option for offering professional development to existing staff. There are also more ways for employers to recruit the skills they need through apprenticeships. Apprenticeship training is funded through the Apprenticeship Levy, or by government for small businesses, covering a minimum of 90% of the cost.

If you’d like to find out more about how your organisation could make the most of apprenticeships, contact Camden Apprenticeships:

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