KQ Coronavirus resources for researchers, businesses and public

Updated 29 May 2020


Life Sciences


  • 85 per cent of surveyed museums and galleries professionals were concerned about how to encourage visitors back into the building once they re-opened. Read more of the findings from ArtFund’s survey into how the sector has been affected by the coronavirus.
  • Zoom gloom: Reflecting on some fascinating research, City, University of London’s Professor André Spicer describes the various ways in which we are not yet emotionally or mentally equipped to handle a life of video conference calls.
  • Mansplaining: Academics at City, University of London found that in March media coverage of the coronavirus “nearly three times as many expert men as women were interviewed. This is a much higher ratio than usual.”
  • The Anna Freud Centre has published online a wealth of guidance and resources to support young people’s mental health in this period of disruption and uncertainty.
  • A new series of blogs from children’s mental health experts at the Anna Freud Centre will consider the psychological and emotional effects of the pandemic on children, and the strategies and opportunities available to look after them.
  • Aga Khan Foundation UK has distilled its educational work in 18 different countries into a curated support pack to help families navigate the online educational resources available for children learning from home.
  • A new issue of The Stay at Home Garden pack from Global Generation features an abundance of colourful new creative activities for your children.