Knowledge Quarter and UCL presents Creating Connections Networking Event

Date: 8th of June 2016

Venue: University College London, UCL Quad Pavilion

Knowledge Quarter partners are invited to Creating Connections 11, a regular networking event that brings together University College London staff and postgraduate students with representatives from community organisations, charities, residents’ groups, social enterprises and statutory organisations. The evening is a mixture of themed discussions in small groups with more informal hob-nobbing; the aim is to find areas of common interest and collaborative working.

Each Creating Connections has a number of discussion themes, intended as a starting point for sharing ideas and making those connections. June’s event will be of particular value to anyone interested in the following topics:

The Knowledge Quarter
Come and meet people involved in the Knowledge Quarter, a consortium of 66 partner organisations of many different kinds but with one thing in common – they are all actively engaged in advancing and disseminating knowledge. KQ focuses its support on innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange by establishing crucial connections to achieve productive partnerships, fruitful networks and creative interaction.

Digital Health
Come and meet people interested in: apps for managing health, use of electronic health record data, digital solutions to social isolation, community access to digital health tools, health promotion in the digital age, the digital divide and health; social care and new technology, and more

Behaviour Change
Come and meet people interested in: the role of the London’s voluntary sector is effecting positive behaviour change; encouraging people to act in a more environmentally friendly way;  models and techniques of behaviour change; researching what works in behaviour change; policy making and behaviour change;

Modern slavery and trafficking
Come and meet people interested in: modern slavery and organisations’ supply chains; vulnerability of domestic overseas workers; trafficking and refugees; campaigning around modern slavery and trafficking; trafficking survivors and the UK legal system

Community research, academic research
Come and meet people interested in exploring the similarities and differences between how voluntary & community and university sectors conduct research, what they might learn from each other, and how they might collaborate better. Also, how university course organisers can find research topics within the voluntary & community sector and how the sector can tap into the research skills of students.

Come and meet people interested in libraries as community hubs; creative ways in which libraries can be used; university libraries and public engagement; use of libraries for community research, voluntary sector archives; and more …

Note that the event is a short networking event for people interested in these issues – a starting point for finding like-minded people you might want to collaborate with. It’s intended for experts, beginners and everyone in between. It’s not a conference and there won’t be long plenary speeches or workshops.

Please register here.

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to email John Braime  

Creating Connections 11 is organised by UCL’s Public Engagement Unit, UCLU’s Volunteering Services Unit, and The Knowledge Quarter.