Wellcome is looking for a KQ partner to collaborate on their new pilot project

Wellcome is looking for a Knowledge Quarter (KQ) collaborator for an innovative pilot project that aims to influence how much meat people choose to eat.

Livestock production is a large contributor to potent greenhouse gases. Diets high in animal products are also associated with an increased risk of non-communicable diseases.

The project team will work together to make a positive shift in reducing meat consumption.

The pilot will produce learnings at an organisational scale that will be used to assess how best to implement change. The results will inform wider implementation across other organisations in the KQ and eventually the Borough of Camden, Islington and beyond. We want the KQ to join Wellcome in having a positive impact on employee, community and environmental health.

Wellcome expects the project to commence in January 2018 and last between 6-9 months. The project is as a small scale pilot that would be financially supported by Wellcome but would require buy in from the partner organisation in the form of engagement and implementation.

To express your organisation’s interest, please get in touch with Sophie Tunstall-Behrens s.tunstall-behrens@wellcome.ac.uk with an indication of why you would find this initiative relevant and what change you would like to make in your organisation. All expressions of interest received by 27th November 2017 will be considered and the pilot project partner will be confirmed by 12th December 2017.

For further background information on the pilot project please see the background paper.