Weaving Knowledge – Call for submissions

Knowledge Quarter has partnered up with British Land for the development of a site-specific installation at Regent’s Place. ‘Weaving Knowledge’ is the concept behind the installation that aims to celebrate the wealth of knowledge that is being produced in the area. 

Concept: Weaving Knowledge

Weaving Knowledge is the result of the intention to revitalise and animate the area between 338 and 350 Euston Road. The idea is to create a large-scale intervention that infuses the space with colour and playfulness, as well as relevant, site-specific meaning.

In collaboration with the partner organisations of the neighbouring Knowledge Quarter, the installation will seek to visually represent and celebrate the wealth of knowledge that is being produced in the local area around the development.

A woven canopy of coloured ropes will be adorned with bespoke 3D printed word plates that will represent the different meanings for the question “What is Knowledge?”, the one-word answers will be 3D printed.

As the installation is launched, the question will be posed for the general public on an open online platform, and new words will be added to the piece for the duration of the installation, gathering what is London’s collective perception of knowledge in an inclusive and participatory way. This will allow the installation to look fuller as it progresses, and generates continued interest in the piece.

The ropes will provide a powerful visual representation of the connecting web of the creation of collective knowledge. The woven canopy will encourage visitors to enter the space and explore the different meanings of the word, forming poetic combinations.

The bespoke system of woven ropes will be suspended in a custom built metal frame that follows the shape of the space between the two buildings, which at once mimics and radically transforms he local architecture, generating a new perception of the space and creating an immersive “tunnel” of meaning, texture and colour.

All Knowledge Quarter partners are invited to submit their responses to the question: “What is Knowledge? by filling out the online form, please submit by 1st December 2017. Submissions will be processed and integrated into the final design of the installation, you are allowed to submit more than one submission per organisation.

Knowledge Quarter partner Produce UK are producing the installation.