University and art collaborations ‘the new normal’

On 14th July the Knowledge Quarter presented at a conference celebrating the results of the synergies between universities, cultural institutions and the creative arts. Held at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Culture, Creativity and the Academy: Exploring the New Normal was organised by the Culture Capital Exchange, a membership network of higher education institutions.

When TCCE was established a decade ago, whilst there were some strong and very exciting partnerships between the Arts, Cultural and Creative industries and Higher Education, such work was arguably more the exception than the rule. Now, however, it is the case that collaborations between these sectors are developing apace and that such work is increasingly becoming the ‘new normal’.

Culture, Creativity and the Academy: Exploring the New Normal, set out to examine to what extent this actually is the case and if so what does ‘the new normal’ look like, what are its characteristics, who’s doing it, how does it come about and why is it important, particularly now.

The Times Higher reviewed the conference, the full article can be found here.