Soft Power Destination Awards Nominations Now Open!

The Soft Power Destinations Awards celebrate the influence and impact of a cultural destination in a city, virtually and beyond.

Cultural Destinations are major forces of soft power in their local environments.They are landmarks and place-makers in a city, they attract tourists, locals, schools, and donors and they influence and empower visitors and partners through programs, exhibitions, research and networks. Soft Power Destinations have influence because they operate in a way that is accountable and transparent, and they seek to be excellent, relevant and sustainable in all that they do.

The Soft Power Destinations Award recognizes soft power best practice in cultural destinations.

Any cultural destination can be nominated. Cultural Destinations are defined as institutions (museums, libraries, science centres, parks, theatres, community organizations), districts and/or cities that receive visitors, with a planned, not-for-profit creative project whose intended beneficiaries are members of the public.


Please fill out the form here to show how your nominee demonstrates accountability, transparency, excellence, relevance and sustainability. You can check more than one box. Where possible include supporting links or send supporting documents, with the name of the nominee clearly written on the file to You can also include other examples of ways your destination supports soft power – that is transparency, accountability, excellence, relevance and sustainability.

You can nominate more than one destination but you can’t nominate a destination more than once.


Deadline for nomination is August 15 2016.

Winners will be decided by a jury of Leading Cultural Destination Ambassadors and announced at the Leading Cultural Destinations Awards ceremony in London on September 30, 2016. Two tickets to the awards show, worth £1,000, will be granted to a randomly chosen entrant of the survey.

The Soft Power Destinations Awards is an initiative of Leading Culture Destinations and Lord Cultural Resources.

To read more on Cities, Museums and Soft Power, by Gail Lord and Ngaire Blankenberg, click here.

Apply here by telling HOW your organization is excellent, transparent, relevant, accountable and sustainable.