Science and Innovation Audit – Survey for Organisations within the KQ

Link to SIA Survey for Organisations within the Knowledge Quarter Area

What we’re doing

There are few districts in any city that can boast the range and quality of knowledge organisations that can be found in the area around St Pancras, King’s Cross, Bloomsbury and Euston (within the boroughs of Camden and Islington). This emerging innovation district has been labelled the “Knowledge Quarter”, and is an important asset for London and the UK.

To find out more about the research and innovation assets and opportunities within the geography of the Knowledge Quarter, and how they benefit the UK economy, we are carrying out a Science and Innovation Audit (SIA), sponsored by government. Science and Innovation audits allow areas to identify and validate areas of potential global competitive advantage across the UK.

Our SIA is focusing on three Themes, reflecting areas of strength:

  • Life sciences – and particularly emerging infectious diseases, musculoskeletal pathology and dementia
  • Cultural, scientific and heritage collections
  • Data sciences – notably machine learning and AI

It is examining:

  • relationships between firms and other organisations with an interest in one or more of the SIA Themes
  • the extent to which these are part of a wider “Innovation District” within an area called the “Knowledge Quarter” across Camden and Islington.

To inform our Audit, we are asking businesses, universities, research institutes, cultural organisations and other expert stakeholders to fill out this short survey and support the building of our evidence base. If you’d rather provide evidence in a shorter ad hoc format, you can also fill out our call for evidence submission instead.