Pan Macmillan KQ Book Club – Take the Questionnaire!

Pan Macmillan are excited to announce plans for a local Book Club in collaboration with the Knowledge Quarter!

It will be a fantastic way to meet, network – and as anyone who has been in a Book Club previously already knows – have a lot of fun. Books don’t just provide a sanctuary to be enjoyed in solitude, they are also an important way of bringing people together. Pan Macmillan will be celebrating their 175th birthday next year, and that means 175 years worth of books; from Fiction, Memoir, History, Classics, and more to explore!

If this is something you would be interested in, please help us by filling out a brief questionnaire so we can make sure we can get the best out of a Book Club for everyone! Joie de livre!

The questionnaire will be be open until Friday 12 January.

Access the questionnaire here