Museums of the Future: Agents of Soft Power

Date: 18 April 2016

Venue: Conference & Events Venue at The Mansion House, Dawson Street Dublin 2, Ireland

The Knowledge Quarter and Lord Cultural Resources will present the event Museums of the Future: Agents of Soft Power at this year Museum Next conference in Dublin.

Museums are beginning to understand themselves as networked institutions of civil society propulsive soft power that can enhance the influence of their cities and empower local residents and visitors.
Soft power is the ability to influence via persuasion, attraction and agenda-setting rather than coercion and, in the future, museum professionals will increasingly develop policies and practices to address pressing issues like sustainability, gender equality and economic empowerment.

The event hosted during Museum next in Dublin will bring together an international panel discussion to discuss which specific techniques museums can use to enhance and wield their soft power. The event will offer a roadmap bringing together six speakers to share quick, practical presentations on actual partnerships, programmes, events and policies that represent soft power success stories.

Using key concepts from the new book Cities, Museums and Soft Power (AAM, 2015), which outlines 32 ways for museums to activate their soft power, they will discuss strategies – that range from human resources to operations, and from programming to networking – to realise objectives like data access, power sharing, equitable hiring and urban development.

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