KQ Partners Meet with Tim Moss

A continued focus on the reasoning behind Intellectual Property (IP) law and the cultivation of innovation and creativity were key themes from the latest Knowledge Quarter breakfast. Knowledge Quarter partners met with Tim Moss, the Chief Executive Officer and Comptroller General of the UK’s Intellectual Property Office; a discussion facilitated by Margaret Briffa, a leading IP Solicitor and founder of Briffa.

Knowledge Quarter partners explored how IP systems would change post-Brexit and how such change could be managed to ensure maximum certainty for those using such systems, ranging from start-up enterprises to large business organisations. The UK’s role as a world leader in many innovative areas was also discussed. Attendees felt important that this continue through the enhancement of an environment where creativity can flourish whilst being protected and controlled by adequate IP systems.

Other discussion topics included: the future of IP, the advancing roles of data and technology in making IP systems more accessible and easy to use for all, how the digital agenda is changing the way people use such systems and what’s expected from the systems themselves. The importance of IP in the digital space and its possible role in new technologies advanced by AI and machine learning in the future was also deliberated.