Knowledge Quarter @ The Unusual Suspects Festival (14 – 16 June 2017)

Knowledge Quarter is delighted to announce that we will hold a session at this year’s The Unusual Suspects Festival which is being held from 14th-16th June. The festival is a unique set of collaborative events, hosted by different organisations from a variety of sectors, across different venues in a city.

The festival is a platform to bring together all voices in society to craft solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges. Through an unusual mix of voices and audience, we can empower ourselves, challenge each other and ourselves to not only think and act differently and but to shift and change power dynamics in the capital.

The theme of the festival will be around shifting and changing of power dynamics. How can we empower everyone in society? Why is it important for us to be exposed to the lived experiences and perspectives of others? These are questions that we will be exploring in June, alongside Collaborate, Social Life, Poet in the City, Only Connect, Nesta and Lankelly Chase & others*, will you be joining us too?

Click here for more information about the festival.