Knowledge Networks: London and OxCam Arc

New London Architecture’s new report examines London’s relationship to Oxford and Cambridge, the world leading knowledge-intensive region known as ‘the Golden Triangle’.

New London Architecture has launched a new report into the growth of the knowledge economy in Oxford, Cambridge and London (known as the ‘Golden Triangle’), and how this growth can be strengthened in the region through coordinated development between the three cities.

The report showcases over 90 projects within the Golden Triangle and the wider UK, that are contributing to the transformation of the education, healthcare, technology and innovation sectors in the UK.

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle refers to the cluster of research institutions, universities and global tech companies located in Oxford, Cambridge and London, which specialise in bioscience, genomics, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering and neuroscience. This innovation ecosystem is at the core of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, playing an integral role in the economic growth of the UK as a whole.

Institutions within the Golden Triangle have been at the forefront in the development of testing, treatments and a potential vaccine for COVID-19. For example, the British Library, The Francis Crick Institute and University College London Hospital have collaborated to provide a temporary drive-through testing facility. Moreover, the University of Oxford and pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca recently announced their shared goal of developing, manufacturing and distributing a potential vaccine.

The Golden Triangle region undoubtedly plays a significant role in the UK’s post-COVID economic recovery by globally exporting innovation and generating jobs.


The NLA’s report suggests that there is an opportunity for the Golden Triangle to present itself as a coordinated knowledge cluster in order to further support the UK’s global economic competitiveness.

The report advocates:

  • the provision of a balanced mix of start-ups, grow-on, industrial and corporate spaces across the region to ensure that researchers and entrepreneurs can identify their next opportunity.
  • the promotion of equitable growth through greater consideration of how developments relate to neighbouring communities, as well as meaningful community engagement.
  • investment in key infrastructure assets, namely tenure-diverse housing, mixed-use development, and transport infrastructure.
  • London’s distinctive role as a key hub in offering ‘soft infrastructure’ and a place for wider business functions, such as business development, recruitment, and investment.

“If London, Oxford and Cambridge promote themselves individually, then we fall short in recognising that the Golden Triangle is stronger and globally more competitive if presented as a whole”.

Jonathan BurroughsCEO, Creative Places

The full report is available to download here.

The project directory can be viewed here.

Webinar – Tuesday 16 June 2020

NLA is hosting a webinar on Zoom, on Tuesday 16 June 2020 from 10am – 11am. The webinar brings together industry leaders (including Jodie Eastwood of the Knowledge Quarter London) to explore how to future-proof the needs of the knowledge economy sector within the Golden Triangle. Further details.