TAP London Contactless Giving

Introducing TAP London

TAP London is a non-profit organisation working in partnership with Mayor of London to set up contactless giving to tackle homelessness across London.


The devices enables people to give a £3 donation. 100% of the donations are distributed to London frontline services. The campaign will launch on the 28th November and run until the end of March.

The devices are small, fuss free (require no wifi – they run on their own sims). Just plug them in and go.

TAP London is looking for window space and counter-top hosts across London. There is no cost to the host organisations, and they can cancel their involvement at any time.

TAP London was founded over a feeling of frustration about the growing levels of homelessness and its relation to the dwindling change in our pockets. If enough Londoners take a small action with a contactless donation, TAP London believes it can create radical change in the capital.

Contact TAP London if your organisation would like to support them.