Arts Catalyst announces Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Process, a multi-year research programme launching in May 2016 with A Public Hearing.

Starting from Arts Catalyst’s new neighbourhood of Cromer Street, in London’s Kings Cross and expanding out across the city, Everyday Urbanism: Architecture as Social Process will create a platform for international artists, urbanist collectives and research architects to come together with local communities. Together these groups will explore and document the social, political and environmental issues affecting those who inhabit the city.

Drawing on community-centred practices from around the world, Everyday Urbanism will develop user-centred, sustainable technologies to address some of these key issues and explore the potential of the commons as a way for residents to reclaim their right to the city. In a time of ever diminished state welfare, decreasing council run community infrastructures and housing provisions and the dwindling potential of public space as a site of civil agency,Everyday Urbanism sees an urgency in finding new ways of living and thriving in our cities.

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Web-image: Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2016