Euston Town: New Business Improvement District

The ballot for the new Euston business improvement district has been successful with 77 per cent of voters in favour of establishing the new BID. Supported by the Mayor of London, TfL and the Metropolitan Police, this BID will work to inject funds in to the development of Euston. Key partners including those in central government, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and private sector stakeholders will work to introduce new innovative projects and create an environment profitable to do business in.

A BID for Euston was first proposed by Transport for London, who recognised the pragmatic and rational approach to the Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) team’s lobbying on HS2. The team behind the Euston Town BID have been running the neighbouring Camden Town Unlimited BID for nine years, and have now been re-elected a third time to continue running it. The team has been dedicated to reacting to concerns related to crime, cleanliness and the streetscape in Camden Town. It has introduced community-enriching projects such as Camden Collective, and bridged the gap between established businesses, SMEs and the local community with events such as Camden Create.

Camden and Euston will be at the centre of major transport and infrastructure developments over the next two decades, including HS2 and Crossrail 2. Working together, the Euston Town and Camden Town Unlimited BIDs will seek to maximise the opportunities that these projects present.

Current projects include:

–  Collective has now be extended to Euston, precisely new spaces has been created by the redevelopment of Temperance Hospital;
–  HS2 is creating a time of uncertainty and change for the area, so Euston Town primary focus will be to lobby at both local and central levels of government to represent the surrounding businesses’ best interests;
–  Reducing crime and antisocial behaviour is another key priority for Euston Town;
–  Partnering with specialist brokers Meercat to explore all possible areas of savings, and offering the best value to member businesses.

The Knowledge Quarter welcomes Euston Town and look forward to working together in the future to help creating a unique identity and new opportunities through the work of established international companies, a vibrant local business environment and a strong residential community.

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