Digital Catapult announces partnership with four leading technology companies and data innovators

Four organisations will work with Knowledge Quarter partners, the Digital Catapult, to accelerate digital innovation – providing knowledge and expertise to the digital community.

The Digital Catapult, a national centre to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas, has announced partnerships with four of the world’s leading technology companies and data innovators; Cisco, Visa Europe Collab (the new innovation hub from Visa Europe), ViiV Healthcare, a joint venture by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, and PwC. In collaboration with the Digital Catapult, the four organisations will accelerate and support the digital ecosystem, working with start-ups, SMEs, academics and the network of Digital Catapult Centres across the UK.

The partnerships will see Cisco, Visa Europe Collab, ViiV and PwC embark on a series of open innovation development projects with the Digital Catapult to help further unlock and understand data, support digital innovation and bring new ideas to market. These projects will include intensive two to three day Pit Stop sessions at the Digital Catapult Centres bringing together innovators, start-ups, academics and experts across industries to address sector specific challenges.

Neil Crockett, CEO of the Digital Catapult, said:

“We are delighted that world-leading organisations want to support the work we are doing in finding better and more trusted ways of sharing closed or proprietary data. The partnerships will provide these organisations unprecedented access to innovators, start-ups, academics and individuals within their sectors in an environment of open innovation”.

Each of the Core Supporters will work with the Digital Catapult and UK start-ups and SMEs to address key challenge areas the Digital Catapult has identified as important to accelerate the growth of the UK’s vibrant digital ecosystem.

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