City, University of London set to lead major new research consortium on violence, health and society

City, University of London announced on 26th July that it will be the lead institution for a five-year collaborative research project, ‘Violence, Health and Society’.

The project is led by Professor Sylvia Walby OBE, Director of the Violence and Society Centre at City, University of London, funded by a £7 million grant from UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) and will span five years from 2021 to 2026.

The consortium will include academics from King’s College London, University College London, Lancaster University, University of Bristol and the University of Warwick.

They will work with providers of data in public services (including the police, justice and health professionals), third sector specialised services and national surveys, including the Crime Survey for England & Wales, Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, and the UK Household Longitudinal Study to look at how violence causes harm to health, especially mental health, and try to identify efforts to reduce violence that can have the biggest impact.

Professor Sylvia Walby OBE said:

“Our contribution lies in improving the data on violence, making translations between different ways of conceptualising violence, and building shared forms of measurement of violence, in order to build better explanations and, hence, more effective interventions.”

President of City, University of London, Professor Anthony Finkelstein CBE, said:

“I am delighted that UKPRP will fund this exciting Consortium, and proud that City, University of London will be its lead institution.”

“City strives to be an institution that contributes to the world around us. Impactful projects like this, which lead to improvements in professional practice, will enable us to do exactly that.”