Camden 2025

A Call to Action on Inclusive Business and Good Work

Camden Council has set a priority to support more businesses in the borough to be places of ‘good work’.

As part of this, Camden Council are collaborating with employers and employees to design a Camden approach to good work, which will promote and support good quality employment across Camden. Camden Council are currently leading a design process to shape up how to do this – and want you to be involved!

To begin with Camden are seeking to understand what is currently needed by employers to create good employment experience and what support and interventions will help employers to get there. If you are interested, Camden Council would love to speak with you and show you some of the ideas in development.

Please let Camden Council know your availability from now until 18 November to chat with Council Officers and FutureGov, the design and research partner for this work. There will also be other future opportunities to get involved if this time frame isn’t possible for you.

If you are interested in taking part, Camden Council would like to speak to you for around 1-1½ hours and can come to wherever you work. The questions would look at:

  • Your context and challenges of being an employer in Camden
  • Your feedback on Camden’s current thinking around good employment practice and how this relates to what you do
  • How Camden Council might support businesses like yours to work towards best employment practice

Camden Council are interested in speaking to the people within organisations who might:

  • have some decision making authority over employment practice
  • understand your organisation’s employment practice
  • be responsible for work place wellbeing