The Knowledge Bank is Launched

Welcome to the Knowledge Bank – Time to Connect the Dots

The Knowledge Quarter has today launched the Knowledge Bank; an online platform to connect incredible institutions and individuals all within a short walking distance of one another.

What is it?

The Knowledge Bank allows you to exchange expertise and insight with individuals from over 75 knowledge-intensive institutions; all within a mile of King’s Cross. From curators at British Library handling world’s earliest books and manuscripts to scientists at the Francis Crick Institute on the cutting-edge medical research.

Choreographers can meet surgeons, biochemists can meet poets, and activists can meet archivists. The more disparate the worlds, the deeper the connections that can be formed. In the growing knowledge economy, face to face interactions are more important than ever and individuals should take advantage that they’re based in one of the world’s largest knowledge clusters.

How does the Knowledge Bank Work?

The Knowledge Bank provides an opportunity for you to identify experts to support you with your work, by developing new collaborations and learning new skills. The Bank is a system based on sharing and mutual support – you offer up your skills and expertise in exchange to benefit from others. Individuals update their profile with the skills and interests that they’d like to develop or would like to share.

They then use the platform to search for and message individuals with the skills they need or interests they’d like to pursue. There is also the opportunity to find interesting speakers and presenters to talk to you and your team.

To access the Knowledge Bank, sign up the Knowledge Bank website using an email domain from one of the 80 partner organisations involved in the KQ. Register your details including your professional interest and skills and instantly gain access to other member profiles.