Sian Williams on Thriving After Adversity

Date: 26 June 2016, from 11.20 to 13:00

Venue: Conway Hall

In this Sunday Sermon, Knowledge Quarter’s partner, the School of Life, invites former BBC News reporter Sian Williams to explore the science of resilience. Sian has learnt from those who have rebuilt their shattered worlds, both emotionally and physically, and have emerged feeling changed but stronger, with a re-newed sense of perspective on life.

Best known as a journalist and the face of BBC Breakfast, Sian Williams spent two years investigating psychological stress. She joins The School of Life to explore the science of resilience and growth after trauma. Are some people more resilient than others and if so, what can we learn from them? What makes some people rise in the face of adversity, thriving after life has knocked them down?

Sian has learned from those who have rebuilt their worlds, feeling changed and stronger, with a new perspective on their lives, relationships and work. Alongside their stories, she’ll tell the story of her own path through breast cancer, ultimately letting us all see that it’s not just possible to survive after hard times, but to thrive.

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