San Diego Delegation Visit to London

San Diego, California, home to more than 3.2 million individuals and known widely for its beaches and tourism industry, is also consistently ranked as one of the top regions in the world for innovation, academia and overall quality of life. With dozens of incubators and accelerator programs, a $15B R&D cluster, and the distinctions of the most patent intense region in the United States and best place in the country to launch a startup (Forbes, 2014), San Diego’s role as an economic powerhouse continues to gain clout.

Kevin Faulconer, mayor of San Diego, will be leading a high-level trade delegation to London and Cambridge from October 17th-18th. As two of the world’s leading knowledge hubs, the San Diego and London/Cambridge regions possess highly innovative economies, with strong potential for partnerships and global trade. The goal of this mission to build on deep, pre-existing relationships between the two metro areas, more specifically in the industries of smart cities technologies and life sciences (with a focus on genomics).  Through these endeavors, the intention is to create business opportunities on both sides of the pond and highlight the vibrant leadership present in both cities in a time of national and global uncertainty.

If you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch with Lauren Lindner, who will be able to discuss the finer details of the visit.