A Network For Press & Media Professionals In The Knowledge Quarter

These new Breakfast meet-ups will give Press and Media professionals working across the Knowledge Quarter the chance to keep up-to-date with all that is happening in the area, as well as share tips and experiences to help you find success in your press campaign efforts.

Next Press and Media Professionals Breakfast:

Venue: The Francis Crick Institute

Date: Friday 6th December, 09:00 – 10:30

Our new Press and Media Professionals Breakfasts aim to provide a regular, informal, but efficient, networking space for Press/Media/PR/Comms departments across the Knowledge Quarter. Use the opportunity to:

  • share key information related to PR activities at your organisation;
  • swap notes on how to engage with a number of different formats including print, broadcast and electronic media;
  • share tips on how to build and nurture relationships with journalists and other influencers;
  • discuss best approaches to working with relevant software, databases and subscriptions;
  • collaborate on area-wide media campaigns and strategies;
  • learn how to work with multi-media, such as production of video news release, training or promotional films, and interactive online material;
  • hear from industry leaders and guest journalists and editors.

Breakfast meetings are relaxed, friendly sessions; grab a coffee, a pastry and join a table. We open proceedings with a handful of Lightning Talks from external organisations and from a selection of partners. We are very conscious of the fact that press and media professionals are busy and what little time they have to spare is precious. Breakfast and coffee is provided. 

Please email: Kacie.Shoulders@bl.uk to secure your seat at the table. Let us know if you would like to present a Lightning Talk at the Breakfast, or if you would like to host.