Knowledge Quarter Partners Meet Leader of Camden Council

Knowledge Quarter partners had the opportunity to meet with Cllr Georgia Gould, the newly elected leader of Camden Council. As leader of Camden Council, Cllr Gould presides over one of the most influential innovation hubs in London and the base for a large number of Knowledge Quarter partner institutions. Partners heard Cllr Gould outline her priorities and discussed key issues facing the borough of Camden. The event, organised by the Knowledge Quarter, was held in the Enlightenment Gallery of the British Museum.

A number of important themes emerged from the discussion including community engagement, the impact of High Speed 2 and the mixed effects of regeneration projects on the area. The discussion focused on the role of partners in bridging the disconnect between cultural, educational and scientific institutions in the area and local residents. It was felt that Camden faced an interesting future. Whilst it has become a positive example of the effects of regeneration and a major centre for innovation, it was also recognised that communities still felt left behind. Partners agreed that community engagement should be at the top of their agenda and that more needed to be done to democratise spaces and places within the area.