Knowledge Quarter Apprenticeships

The KQ, in partnership with Camden Council, is developing a higher apprenticeship programme in science, technology and creative industries to allow apprentices to earn and learn on the job while studying part time. The scheme is starting with opportunities in the life sciences.

The higher apprenticeships will offer apprentices:

  • a job with a great employer where you’ll learn and develop your skills
  • fully paid teaching and qualifications leading to an honours degree in a relevant subject
  • access to the organisations that make up the Knowledge Quarter

The pilot scheme, starting in Autumn 2016, will be for the laboratory scientist apprenticeship where apprentices will work as lab technicians while they study for a degree connected to the life sciences industry such as biology. More information about the degree and how to apply will be available soon. We’ll expand the project to include opportunities in digital and creative industries in the future.

If you’re aged 17 to 19, a Camden resident or a student at a Camden college or school and you’re thinking of applying for the KQ apprenticeship, you have the chance to apply for a work experience placement at the Francis Crick Institute or the London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC). The placements are aimed at people in year 13, currently working or in apprenticeships, who are thinking of applying for the apprenticeship.

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