Impact Hub King’s Cross, Impact cannot happen in Isolation

Knowledge Quarter partner Impact Hub King’s Cross has just released their Impact Report for 2015-2016.

Encapsulating the year through members stories, the report highlights the connectivity and collaboration that enables the Impact Hub community to become drivers of change. It also sets out plans for 2017, highlighting support for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities as a key action going forward.

Over the nine years it’s been open, Impact Hub King’s Cross has brought together a diverse community of passionate social entrepreneurs serving different industries and breaking down boundaries. Finding leverage via connection, it has enabled its members to discover, partnerships, knowledge and opportunities, to support the work of their members and grow the positive social impact in the spheres they operate.

The 2015-2016 report showcases just a few of the many member stories that are created at Impact Hub King’s Cross every day. It is hugely inspiring to know that they are enabling members like these to connect with each other, and to scale their ideas and businesses for ever greater impact in our world.

“It takes a village to raise a social business. Impact Hub King’s Cross facilitates these connections and creates the right infrastructure for social enterprises to grow.” Alberto Masetti-Zannini, Strategy Director at Impact Hub King’s Cross

The theme for this most recent report is linked heavily to one of the core values of the Impact Hub community: the value of connection. The seven member stories that feature in this report allow us to venture into the heart of Impact Hub King’s Cross and see how relationships combined with initiatives, events and programmes facilitate a breeding ground for connection and collaboration which generate a much greater impact than we could ever attain individually.

Here’s what Jamie Grainger-Smith, Charles Redfern & Dan Crossley, Founders of Food Talks had to say about their collaboration.

“Working in partnership to deliver Food Talks is a great example of organisations with different skillsets coming together to create something much more powerful than any of us could have done on our own. Each event at Impact Hub King’s Cross encouraged audiences to think about the food we consume and how to progress the conversation about making it better.”

The trio, entrepreneur, consultant and charity executive, have been surprised to see how their collaborative idea has grown in the past two years. Over 700 London foodies and food novices have gathered to engage and learn from experts in the food system on what is happening to make food production and consumption more sustainable.

Today more than ever, the challenges we are facing are unprecedented, but Impact Hub King’s Cross believes that by working together we can find and new, effective solutions.

Check out the Impact Hub King’s Cross 2015-2016 Impact Report here.