Flexible Hiring: Why to do it and how to make it work

Date: Thursday, 7th of  April 2016 from 09:30 to 12:30

VenueLondon Borough of Camden

Knowledge Quarter partner, Camden Council, has partnered with the Timewise Foundation to provide a FREE workshop for Camden-based businesses. The workshop will focus on flexible hiring, providing an insight into the potential benefits and progressing to outline practical steps towards implementation.

There is an unconscious assumption that most jobs, done properly, are office based Monday to Friday. The reality is that the world of work is changing and many top performing employees work successfully in a huge range of flexible ways. The challenge is that often at the point of recruiting for a new role (either internally or going to market externally) the default position is to non-flexible working. Many hiring managers are actually ‘open to flexibility’ for the right person but this is not expressed at the point of recruitment and so most candidates (internal and external) who need that flexibility never even apply.

This interactive session will look at the way we make these assumptions and also the benefits from challenging them:
– increasing your ability to attract talent, in particular in hard-to-fill roles
– improving the diversity of candidates in your talent pipeline
– saving on recruitment costs through a greater flow of internal hires.

Participants will leave the session with a clear understanding of how jobs can be designed to include those who want to progress their career with flexibility, how recruitment advertising can incorporate messages that are open and inclusive, and how this will enable businesses managers, HR professionals and recruitment teams to recruit from the best possible talent.

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