Cafe Nano – Graphene Future Emerging Technology

When: 26 of October 2015, 18:00

Where: Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining


Knowledge Quarter partner, the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IMO3), will launch the Cafe Nano Lecture Serie with the “Graphene Future Emerging Technology” lecture by Andre Ferrari from the Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Disruptive technologies are usually characterised by universal, versatile applications, which change many aspects of our life simultaneously, penetrating every corner of our existence. In order to become disruptive, a new technology needs to offer not incremental, but dramatic, orders of magnitude improvements. Moreover, the more universal the technology, the better chances it has for broad base success.
Does graphene have a chance to become the next disruptive technology?
Can graphene be the material of the 21st century?
Are the properties of graphene so unique to overshadow the unavoidable inconveniences of switching to a new technology, a process usually accompanied by large R&D and capital investments?

In spite of the inherent novelty associated with graphene and related two dimensional materials, a roadmap can be envisaged, including short-term milestones, and some medium- to long-term targets, intrinsically less detailed, but potentially even more disruptive. This should guide the transition towards a technological platform underpinned by graphene and related materials, with opportunities in many fields and benefits to society.

This event is free to attend, but advance registration is required.

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