Zinc looking for founders for their second mission

Today Zinc announced the mission for their next programme: “To unlock new opportunities for people in places hard-hit by globalisation and automation”.

They are looking for 50 people (termed Founders) who want to create new products and services that unlock new opportunities for people in hard-hit places.

Their 9-month full-time programme, starting on October 1st, 2018, will help candidates build a brand-new tech business from scratch. It is a great opportunity for creative people with tech, business and/or specialist skills and expertise to find their co-founder, work with experts, design and test new ideas, launch their new business and access investment.

The Founders of the last mission which focused on improving women’s and girls’ mental and emotional health were aged between 23 and 57, came from 19 countries and created 17 new companies, 80% of which have a female founder. Zinc are hoping for the same diversity on the next programme.

A full explanation of the mission and programme are available here