UKIE seeks KQ partners on new research project

Ukie (UK Interactive Entertainment) the body representing the UK’s video games industry is looking to partner on a piece of research which highlights and examines the technological innovation originating in the games/interactive entertainment industry that is then used successfully in other areas of the economy (AI, VR/AR, imaging technology).

There are numerous examples of technologies born in the games sector inspiring and driving innovation and growth across other sectors, however, we lack definitive evidence of this technology transfer, a figure estimating what impact it has had on the wider economy, the future opportunities that it presents, and the skills required to make this technology. We would therefore like to partner with a research organisation on producing a unique report that will influence thinking and policy around the UK’s games industry and the wider, ever-growing, creative and technology sectors.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity then please get in touch with Marianna Drake at for further details.