IOM3 Younger Members’ Committee Art Competition

The IOM3 Younger Members’ Committee (YMC) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017 and is commissioning an art piece to commemorate the occasion.

The art piece should be respectful of the rich history of both IOM3 and the YMC, but also look to the future and opportunities ahead.

The winning piece will have a space on the history staircase at the London IOM3 HQ, the art piece will form the link between the historic section and all future successes of IOM3.

The specifics:

  • The art piece may cover the wall and/or sit in front of the window which faces North – North/West. If in front of the window, the height of the piece should be no more than 60cm, with a width of no more than 60cm and a depth of 35-37cm. If on the wall the height should be no more than 60cm and no more than 1m wide.
  • The budget for the piece is TBC and fundraising to support its creation is ongoing.
  • The piece should be ready for installation by November 2017.
  • The winning artists/team will be invited to attend the celebratory dinner later in the year to unveil the piece.

For more information about how to apply please go to the IOM3 website.