Get involved in The Unusual Suspects Festival (14 to 16 June 2017)

The Unusual Suspects Festival is a unique set of collaborative events, hosted by different organisations from a variety of sectors, across different venues in a city. It connects people who would not ordinarily meet, in order to craft, shape and collaborate around new solutions to chronic social problems. This year’s festival in London will facilitate different kinds of conversations about people, power and London.

Get involved:

We are looking for session partners, venue partners and sponsors – How to get involved.

You can find out about the past Unusual Suspects Festivals in London, Glasgow and Northern Ireland on the Festival website.

Festival Themes for London 2017 are:

  • Health
  • Housing and disused space
  • City devolution
  • Migration and identity
  • Contrast between lived experiences of young and old people in the city
  • Transformative power of the arts
  • Future of work
  • Food
  • Class and culture

Read more about the thought process behind hosting the festival in London here.

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about the festival please get in contact with at

The festival is supported by Nesta, Lankelly Chase, London Funders and many more partners across London.