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Data Diversity in Research: A call to action for concrete solutions

20 11 2019 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

- Free, Booking Required

The data gap issue is not new, as Caroline Criado Perez demonstrated in her recent book, ‘Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men’ – from stab vests to medical trials – the “one-size-fits-men” approach puts lives at risk.

In a recent blog, BenevolentAI described how in 1992 the dosage for insomnia medication Zolpidem was based on research made up of predominantly male test subjects. It was only after 700 reports of impaired driving and road accidents that dosage for women was reconsidered. Equally, diversity from an ethnic perspective is underrepresented. In 2014, 86% of the clinical trials participants are white according to a study published in Nature. This means that patients may experience different side-effects or may fail to respond to treatments altogether.

A huge part of the population is still left out of research, yet, we are living in an age of great innovation. New technologies are empowering scientists and researchers with previously unimaginable capabilities, enabling greater discoveries. It is the right time to finally tackle the data-gap issue and work towards a better understanding of human behaviour offering equal chances to various populations to get relevant treatments and care.

We’re bringing this event together to provide a forum in which pharma industries, academia, institutions, research groups and private companies based in the Knowledge Quarter can come together, discuss the challenges of data diversity in research (particularly medical research), combine expertise, and initiate projects to lead to more diversity in data.

8:30 -9:00 | Networking Breakfast

09:00 – 9:30 | Panel discussion

Thought leaders in science and tech discuss the challenges of data diversity that we face currently and help materialise possible tangible solutions through engagement and discussion with wider stakeholders in the meeting.

Chair: Adepeju Oshisanya, BenevolentAI

  • Maria Nelson, Senior Head of Innovation Practice, Digital Catapult
  • Jackie Hunter, CE Clinical and Strategic Partnerships BenevolentAI
  • Rob Wilson, Senior Regulatory Consultant, DLRC
  • Diane Harbison, CEO Decipher Analytics
  • Dawn Duhaney, Product Manager, Wellcome Trust

09:30 – 10:30 | Workshop

We will invite the audience to reflect on ideas to increase the diversity of data in the research space.

Who should attend?

You must work for a Knowledge Quarter partner organisation. Please register with your organisational email on eventbrite here. If you do not work for a Knowledge Quarter partner, but would like the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge in this field with our group, please register your interest via email.

This event is a follow up to the KQ Future of Knowledge Conference, sponsored by British Land.

Find out more about our Chair and Panel:

Diane Harbison | CEO of Decipher Analytics

Dr Diane Harbison is the founder and CEO of Decipher Analytics, a precision medicine start-up company with a focus on big data projects applied to health care. Decipher Analytics aims to build a series of disease specific data commons that can break down data silos and enable better integration of data from different sources such as EHR, panomics, imaging and digital pathology. These can be used to validate drug targets, identify biomarkers and companion diagnostics and ultimately stratify patients for experimental studies and clinical trials.

A board level executive with 20 years’ experience in life sciences.  She was the Managing Director of BioCity Scotland and was responsible for getting Enterprise Area Status conferred on the BioCity site. She has a PhD and a BSc in Molecular Biology from the University of Glasgow and an MBA from Henley Business School.

Jackie Hunter | CE Clinical and Strategic Partnerships, BenevolentAI

Professor Jackie Hunter is Chief Executive, Clinical Programmes & Strategic Relationships. She held senior positions at global pharmaceutical organisations including GSK, Proximagen and OI Pharma Partners before joining BenevolentAI as a Director in 2016.

She brings vast academic and business experience in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. She directs the application of BenevolentAI’s technology for clinical development and gives the company the insight it needs to operate its unique business model – one which sees it not only researching, but also developing the blueprint for new drugs.

Peju Oshisanya | Director Clinical Programme Lead, BenevolentAI

An advocate for diversity and inclusion in data generation in clinical research, Peju is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of including a more diverse population in research and the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence in enabling this.

Peju is an innovative operational strategy expert with over 15 years wide-ranging experience relating to strategic programme leadership, planning and management of clinical trials with responsibility for global clinical programmes. She has extensive experience in working in early drug discovery and exploratory phases focused on the transition of early stage assets to clinical development. She has held leadership positions in programme management responsible for key clinical programmes and assets within Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis, Pfizer and Takeda. In her current role at BenevolentAI, she is responsible for driving the asset strategy to maximise the value of both early and late phase drug development programmes.

Maria Nelson | Senior Head of Innovation Practice at Digital Catapult

Maria Nelson is the Head of Open Innovation at the Digital Catapult, a national centre to accelerate digital products and ideas to market. Her passion is the acceleration the adoption of advanced digital technologies in the UK by providing support to small companies in their growth and helping large companies innovate.

Rob Wilson | Senior Regulatory Consultant at DLRC Ltd

Rob Wilson is a regulatory expert with over 20 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry from early discovery to registration. He specialises in Pre-clinical and clinical Pharmacology, Modelling and Simulation (NCA, NLME, SimCYP), Discovery and pre-clinical research, DMPK, First in human studies, Animal models (behavioural and surgical), Large molecules and Respiratory medicine.

Rob’s interest in data diversity is born from a desire to utilise data more especially in the digital age and translate this into benefit to patients particularly when identifying small changes within a population or rare conditions with very low incidence rates.

Dawn Duhaney | Product Manager, Wellcome Trust

Dawn Duhaney has worked at the heart of digital, data and technology across roles at the Wellcome Trust, Government Digital Service and Open Data Institute.

She currently works on partnerships and product at Wellcome Data Labs, bringing data science to the funding, research and health sectors.

Dawn has also set the agenda for conversations about the role of people of colour in the AI ethics debate and the need for a wider cultural change towards openness and inclusivity in major tech companies.

She also sits on the Advisory Council of Doteveryone, a responsible technology think tank founded by Baroness Martha Lane Fox.


Benevolent AI
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Benevolent AI
4-8 Maple St, Bloomsbury,
London, W1T 5HD
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