Energy Storage – Small Solutions to Big Problems

Date: 24th of February 2016, 18:30

Venue: IOM3

The Café Nano series, from the Knowledge Quarter’ partner IOM3, returns on 24th February, with an energy theme. Professor Peter Bruce, FRS Department of Materials, University of Oxford will present Energy Storage – Small Solutions to Big Problems, followed by networking drinks in the newly renovated venue at 297 Euston Road.

Energy storage is more important today than at any time in human history. It has a vital role to play in storing electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, which are inherently intermittent, and then supplying electricity when needed. It is also essential for the development of electric transport. Few if any of the energy storage technologies currently available are fit for purpose, i.e. they do not provide the necessary performance at a suitable cost.

One of the most important and successful energy storage technologies is the rechargeable lithium battery. Advances in lithium battery technology are being made and this will continue. However, a step change in the technology is required. One possible route is the use of nanomaterials.

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