Diversity Roundtable with Gamiel Yafai

On the morning of the 24th May Knowledge Quarter partners sat down with Gamiel Yafai to discuss the topic of staff diversity and skills share in regards to best practice in this area.  The roundtable started with an introduction to diversity and inclusion, how our approach to this area has changed over the years, in response to societal pressures and campaigning.  Equality as a way of treating every individual fairly without treating everyone the same was discussed, as a means of getting the most out of everyone at an organisation and allow them feel comfortable to be the most themselves they can be. Key issues regarding staff diversity such as unconscious bias and invisible barriers were also examined.

The key relationship between diversity and productivity through the ‘energising of staff’ was explored as well as the possibility of evidence of this relationship being used to incentivise those who may not see the benefits of diversifying their workforce.

Six Key areas were discussed:

  • Work Life Balance
  • Making Diversity and Inclusion attractive for Senior Management
  • Getting Diverse Talent into Middle Management
  • Getting Diverse Talent into Senior Management
  • Limited Resources
  • Attracting Diverse Talent