Being Human Festival Review

This year's Being Human festival, a national showcase of the very best in UK humanities research, surpassed all expectations with in excess of 17,000 people attending more than 300 events in some 30 towns and cities, according to figures released today. It shows just how vibrant and creative humanities research is these days.

Mash up - From one to many

Growth, even good growth, also brings challenges. When you go from a handful of self-motivated entrepreneurs to a team of directors and employees, how do you maintain your inspiration, the drive and values that led you to start your enterprise in the first place? Three growing enterprises will be sharing how their organisation influences society.

Let’s make work better

The Knowledge Quarter welcomes the new Google re:Work website, a collection of research, practices and ideas from a variety of organisations and leaders to put people first and transform workplaces.

Animation as a New Form of Journalism by Rachel Porter

Scriberia's recent series of animations for near neighbours, long-time collaborators and fellow KQ partners, The Guardian’s #KeepItInTheGround campaign is one example of the effective use of animation to deliver factual content to an online audience.

Caroline Brazier confirmed as CILIP Trustee

British Library Chief Librarian Caroline Brazier will join the Trustee Board of CILIP – the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals – from the start of 2016. CILIP is the leading professional body for librarians across the UK and plays a key role in advocating on behalf of the profession and advancing professional skills and standards.

Great talent doesn't just fall from a tree, it needs careful nurturing

Kenneth Tharp advocates for careful planning in nurturing future talents in the Arts and culture. In the arts so much of the grassroots innovation from artists is supported through the investment of public funds. Many of the most celebrated leaders across art forms were nurtured in the subsidised sector over many years.

Ideas and Pioneers Fund

Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Ideas and Pioneers Fund supports people who have an idea with unusual promise to improve the life chances and opportunities of individuals and communities in the UK.

Cafe Nano - Graphene Future Emerging Technology

Disruptive technologies are usually characterised by universal, versatile applications, which change many aspects of our life simultaneously, penetrating every corner of our existence. Does graphene have a chance to become the next disruptive technology?

KQ partners collaboration: Celtic Voices

Poet in the City presents an event exploring the Celtic legacy in contemporary poetry and celebrating a great oral tradition of poetry and performance at the British Museum.

The Francis Crick Institute: Accelerating Translation

Knowledge Quarter partner, The Francis Crick Institute, identifies 'Accelerating Translation for Health and Wealth' as one of the five key priorities of the institute overall strategy ‘Discovery without Boundaries’. Practicing this ambition has opened new fascinating fields for both academic research and scientific translators.