Camden Council to receive £86M to build new council homes

As part of the Mayor of London’s Affordable Housing Programme, Camden Council has been awarded £86.4M funding to build over 550 new council homes.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has secured more than £4.8bn from the Government to help start building at least 116,000 affordable homes by March 2022. This will help Londoners who would otherwise struggle to rent or buy, and forms part of the Mayor’s work to tackle London’s housing crisis. Building Council Homes for Londoners is dedicated to supporting councils to increase their capacity to deliver new-build programmes.

The London Borough of Camden was awarded the full amount it bid for, and is one of ten boroughs receiving the most funding.

The new homes will be delivered as part of the London Borough of Camden’s Community Investment Programme, which has built over 950 new homes to date and provided new council housing to over 1,000 residents, including 447 children. In line with the Mayor’s target for London to be a zero-carbon city by 2030, Programme is also delivering some of the most energy efficient homes in the UK, which are helping residents to cut their fuel bills and carbon emissions. For full details of project, click here.

The Community Investment Programme (CIP) aims to invest over £1 billion in schools, homes and community facilities in Camden over the next 15 years. In total, Camden intend to build:

  • 3,050 new homes, including 1,100 council homes
  • 300 genuinely affordable homes to rent
  • 48 schools and children’s centres
  • 9,000m2 of improved community facilities

CIP will also help renovate thousands of existing council homes, as part of the Council’s Better Homes Programme.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy:

‘Camden is a borough that can be counted on to deliver the affordable homes that our residents desperately need, and this announcement is a huge endorsement for both what we have achieved so far and what we have planned for the next phase of our Community Investment Programme.

Our community-led, innovative approach to house building has not only delivered the first new council homes seen in Camden in generation, but it has helped us to build award-winning, sustainable homes, that have enough space for our families to grow and thrive.’