Business Models in Arts and Cultural organisations – Take the Survey!

University of the Arts London’s Professor Lucy Kimbell and the Creative Lenses Research Unit have launched an online survey to understand how cultural and arts organisations are innovating their business models.

About Business Models
A Business Model is the way through which an organisation exploits resources and assets and delivers its operations to generate value for stakeholders and guarantee social impact for society as well as economic sustainability.

The Survey
The survey asks you information about your income and funding sources, as well as the type of changes you have made to your organisation in order to improve your sustainability. The survey also asks you to reflect on what is leading you to make these changes and what might get in the way, as well as whether you have experienced any tensions between making these changes and the values which are important to you and your staff.

Please read more on this initiative and gain a full understanding of what Creative Lenses are hoping to capture: (responses will be treated as anonymous in any publicly-available publications following the survey)

Deadlines and Results
The survey will be open until mid-November 2017. A report analysing the results of the survey will be published online in spring 2018.