Entries by Jodie Eastwood

Jewish Book Week at Kings Place

JBW 2017 goes global, crossing boundaries, breaking taboos… and pulling down barriers. Exodus and exile are the festival’s prevailing themes, as the world, more than ever, is on the move, while xenophobia remains ubiquitous. Hear a multitude of voices examining the world’s political, social and cultural fault lines.

Knowledge Quarter Cross Sector Collaboration Workshop

At Knowledge Quarter we are naturally interested in collaboration – inter organizational, cross discipline, multilevel collaboration that enables us to achieve the extraordinary goals we have set ourselves. We have planned this workshop to start exploring the ways we collaborate, to learn from each other’s practice and to begin a more concerted process of investigation, learning and development in this area.

Defining Forms of Control in the Contemporary City

Date: Tuesday 11th August 2015, 18:30 to 20:00
Venue: RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London

As part of the Virtual Control exhibition hosted by RIBA, and produced by the UCL Urban Laboratory with artist Max Colson, this discussion will explore the real and imaginary forms of control in privatised public spaces.