Improving Diversity in the Knowledge Quarter

Our Diversity Roundtable series is aimed at professionals actively working on improving diversity in their organisation.

Next Diversity Roundtable Event:

9th May 09:00-11:00

The next roundtable is focused on Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity describes those in the population who have a different thinking process than those who are neurotypical. There is increasing evidence to suggest that by using diversity hiring efforts around the way people think, organisations can greatly improve their creative and innovation output and impact. Microsoft, JPMorgan, EY, Google, Ford and Amazon are all running (or developing) neurodiversity-at-work initiatives. 

This Roundtable will provide an opportunity to hear more practical examples from organisations already appreciating the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce and actively supporting their staff.

Email: to secure your seat at the table

In 2018 the Knowledge Quarter launched a series of Diversity Roundtables, the aim of which was to provide a forum for the sharing of best practice across Knowledge Quarter organisations and to explore the concept of staff diversity.

At past Roundtables, Partners have shared Diversity and Inclusion Toolkits, as well as valuable research and contacts.

Diversity Roundtables are held bi-annually. Chatham House rules apply, so partners can openly discuss advances made since a previous roundtable as well as any challenges they face in this area.

Attendees at the last two Roundtables included representatives from the the British Library, the British Museum, Digital Catapult, Google Deep Mind, the Place, Sadler’s Wells, SCONUL, Wellcome and several others. Past speakers have included:

  • Gamiel Yafai, Managing Director, Diversity Marketplace
  • Gill Thomas, Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Julie Alland, HR Consultant at the Alan Turing Institute
  • Angela Townsend, Diversity Program Co-ordinator, The Institute of Physics
  • Tunde Agbalaya, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager, Wellcome
  • Laura Naldrett, HR and Administration Manager, The Place

The write-up of the first Diversity Roundtable is available on request. The write-up of our second Roundtable can be found here.

Who is this group for?
Anyone working in the field of Diversity and Inclusion or HR professionals at a Knowledge Quarter partner organisation.

Why should I attend?
Share your current work on staff diversity, including achievements and challenges with other Knowledge Quarter partners. Sharing of best practice and resources available.

When is it?
Bi-annually, upcoming dates available upon request.

How do I get involved?
Email to be added to the attendee list for an upcoming roundtable.