Get involved! Help us to measure air pollution in London

To celebrate the International Year of Light, the Institute of Physics invites all Knowledge Quarter partners to join a Europe-wide network of citizen scientists to create a new map of the atmosphere and find out how clean the air is in London. iSpex is a citizen science project that uses a free iPhone add-on and app to take measurements of the quality of light in the atmosphere near you to get an idea of the amount of particles in the air.

The Institute of Physics have a number of iSpex kits for Knowledge Quarter partners, and other organisations based in London, to distribute to their staff and beyond. Individuals interested in taking part can also pick up an iSpex add-on from 1 September – 15 October from the Institute of Physics office at 80 Portland Place.

To find out more about the project please click here or contact to request kits for your workplace or office.