Beginning his journey as a young aspiring footballer from Lewisham, South East London, Louis didn’t necessarily embrace his natural gift of being able to move, motivate and inspire the people he came into contact with. During school and college, it was very much: get to work and do your best … but really football is first. Fortunately, Louis was a highly capable academic and this led to great GCSE and A-level results, taking him to university with only himself to beat … but this just wasn’t enough.

Whilst studying at college and university, two flames were lit for Louis. The first was a love for entrepreneurialism and business as he began to attend a number of business and enterprise programmes, as well as make himself known in the young entrepreneur’s scene in England. The second flame was for youth and community empowerment as he began volunteering, championing and working with a number of organisations that focused on this area.

Years later we see a man that confidently and consistently embraces the responsibility to support the growth of start-ups and small businesses; whilst pouring into a varied range of communities that can benefit from his passion and expertise in order to become more empowered and cohesive.


TitleYouth Roundtable – Day 3 Summary
DateThursday 8th July 2021
Time15:45 – 15:50