The Innovation District: Lessons from Europe by Chris Green, Director, SQW

Chris Green, director of the Knowledge Quarter's partner SQW, presents an insightful blog on Innovation Districts. Chris develops an analysis of two European examples, drawing important lessons both specifically in relation to the creation of innovation districts and more generally to the long term regeneration of our cities.

Butterflies and Bones: the Casement Project by Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Artist and choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir writes about his research at the National Archive curating the Casement Project. Including performances and talks, this collaboration between the Place and the British Library explore Roger Casement's legacy.

Collaborating for the benefit of the local community by Hannah Camm, the Francis Crick Institute

The Living Centre sits at the heart of the Francis Crick Institute’s local community engagement programme aiming to help improve health and wellbeing locally. In this blog, Hanna Camm, community engagement manager at the Crick's, provides an insight on this collaborative enterprise for the benefit of the local community .

Devolution: the London Context by Andrew Walker

Devolution could offer specific opportunities for building relationships between Knowledge Quarter and local authorities. There are already several projects underway that indicate a potential future direction. Knowledge Quarter could also play a really useful role engaging various organisations in the devolution process itself.

Humanities learning helps keep society sane by Professor Sarah Churchwell

Knowledge Quarter’s partner, the School of Advanced Study, in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and British Academy, are now inviting applications for the third Being Human festival of the humanities. Sarah Churchwell, new festival director, talks about the importance and use of the humanities.

Collaborate to monitor and improve human rights in your supply chains by Laura Compton

LUPC is punching above its weight in sharing knowledge, information and innovation for changing the way organisations buy goods and service without causing harm to others. Read new guest blog by Laura Compton.

Steps I Take, Marks I Make - The Primary Careers Conference by Bavaani Nanthabalan

The Primary Careers Conference is in its third year and shares its vision with the borough of Camden: to ensure every child and young person has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind. A new original guest blog by Bavaani Nanthabalan from Netley Primary school introducing this year Primary Career Conference.

The anthropologist as an agent of change by Parvathi Raman

Anthropologists certainly can make a contribution to the debate on migration, or more precisely, on the issue of who has the right to move. They have a role to play in challenging the migration myths that circulate and gain traction in the popular imagination.

Putting Soul in the City - towards a manifesto by Graham Henderson

Poet in the City presents an art manifesto on how to use public art to transform the 21st Century urban landscape. Graham Henderson’s essay is a call to use the arts and culture not only to beautify the public realm but also to express our values, provide social identity and cohesion, and provide new opportunities for science and enterprise.

Animation as a New Form of Journalism by Rachel Porter

Scriberia's recent series of animations for near neighbours, long-time collaborators and fellow KQ partners, The Guardian’s #KeepItInTheGround campaign is one example of the effective use of animation to deliver factual content to an online audience.