Engagement event involving archives and special collections.

Guest Post - Felix Lancashire, RCP, on having your archive accredited

GUEST POST: In July 2019, the National Archives awarded Accredited Archive Service status to The Royal College of Physicians. Felix Lancashire describes the ups and downs of this journey to accreditation and what it means to the library.
Camden 2025

Guest Post - Cllr Danny Beales, Camden Council, on Camden 2025

GUEST POST: Taking into account the Knowledge Quarter's Science and Innovation Audit, Councillor Danny Beales gives us a glimpse of what lies in store for Camden, one of London's most innovative and progressive boroughs.
British Library

Guest Post: Digital Transformations for UK Public Libraries: Five Approaches to a ‘Single Digital Presence’

In 2017 the British Library began exploring the possibility of a 'single digital presence' for public libraries throughout the United Kingdom. In this guest post, Jake Millar describes the five areas of intervention required to make this a reality.
Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates

Guest Post: Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates, on Science-Based Sustainability Targets

There are plenty of decent business cases for setting science-based targets and having them officially approved by the Science-Based Targets Intiative (SBTi), argues Ben Hopkins, associate at architectural practice Bennett's Associates. And with Extinction Rebellion making the headlines, schoolchildren protesting in the streets and David Attenborough campaigning on our TV screens, the big risk for any business is being left behind, and, fundamentally, not doing the right thing.

Guest Post: Venus Unwrapped

In this guest post Helen Wallace, Programme Director at Kings Place and curator of Venus Unwrapped reflects on how women have been written out of music history, and how vital their music really is.

Guest Post: The future of work will soon be the present

The Alan Turing Institute have invited staff and researchers to examine the future of work and AI, a topic fuelling discussions and debates everywhere. Follow the debate here in a series of guest posts from ATI fellows, and with #futuresofwork.

Guest Post: Personal Archiving in the Digital Age

Guest Post: 'There is a growing paradox at the heart of western society. Our digital life is alienating us from real human experience, but might also save our brains from degeneration,' says Dr Nick Barratt of Senate House Library.

Raising Understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Knowledge Quarter

Beverly Flint of C&I Wellbeing describes her work in Knowledge Quarter organisations

Guest Post: Crafts Council Craft Journeys

Challenging the misconception that pursuing a creative subject might not lead to a job is a real challenge for the creative industries. A first step for the Crafts Council is our Craft Journeys series: a set of career profiles exploring different routes into the craft sector.
Common stereotypes of boys and girls

Meet Lifting Limits

Rachel Hermer describes Lifting Limits, a Camden-based social enterprise, born out of frustration with the slow pace of change in gender equality and the paucity of initiatives that tackle the problem at its roots. 'Our vision is to address the problem of gender stereotypes before it has time to take hold, for gender equality to be mainstream in schools so that children grow up without these limits.'