Tyler Stanage is a scientist at the Francis Crick Institute studying the process of how cells repair damaged DNA and the effects this process has on cancer and other diseases. Coming from the US, he has witnessed the rise of the anti-vaccine movement following flawed news coverage and the real impact it has on people’s lives. He has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BSc in biochemistry from Indiana University-Bloomington. Since his time at Indiana University, Tyler has been involved in scientific communication and exploring how scientists can better communicate with the wider public. He managed Indiana University’s student radio station, one of the largest in the US, and has been quoted in Congress advocating support for early-career scientists. At the Crick, he has interacted directly with members of the public through ‘Meet a Scientist’ events.


TitleSeparating Science Fact from Science Fiction
VenueKnowledge Centre Theatre
Time11:30 – 12:30