Kate began her career as a Science teacher at Hampstead school and has spent the last 15 years as a Head of Science and Senior

Leader in schools both in Camden and Internationally. Kate is currently Assistant Principal for Curriculum at UCL Academy where she was a founding member in 2012. UCL sponsored the Academy which teaches a transformational Connected Curriculum to support students to close the skills gap they were seeing in undergraduates.


Kate has a strong interest in curriculum design and is particularly passionate about curriculum design that enables students to activate their knowledge through challenging interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Kate co-leads the design and delivery of the Camden STEAM Hub, a pioneering two-year leadership programme for senior teachers from 40 primary and secondary schools across the borough, which supports schools to implement a STEAM curriculum and whole-school approach, and to build deep partnerships with employers and cultural institutions.


TitleYoung People as the Future of Knowledge
VenueKnowledge Centre Theatre
Time15:30 – 16:30