The Future of Working Together

Plenary Session

Even before the year of lockdown, instability was the defining characteristic of our labour market. Our welfare system has not adapted to the many changes in how people work, and how they want to work.  Knowledge Quarter organisations offer an abundance of career options, and are at the forefront of the evolution of work in many new fields. But how can we ensure that such opportunities are afforded to all, with meaningful, rewarding and appropriately-compensated employment offered throughout member organisations directly to locals, reflecting the differential impact of life chances on the BAME community in particular?

Moreover, now that we have been forced to re-evaluate the benefits of working from home, teleconferencing and online work, how can we use this new understanding to make inclusive improvements to our working practices?

The KQ membership is well-positioned to offer a range of invaluable support to local residents who want to start their own businesses. Self-employment and entrepreneurship are an essential component of a thriving, inclusive local economy. How can the KQ be a petri dish for new business ideas to emerge alongside the established ones?

Speakers and Chair:

  • Nishma Gosrani OBE, Financial Services Partner, Bain & Company
  • Jane Van Zyl, Director at Working Families
  • James Goodman, Director of Partnerships and Learning at Local Trust
  • Jack Sallabank, Founder, Future Places (Chair)

This session is being delivered by the Knowledge Quarter.

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