The Future of Knowledge-Sharing

Plenary Session

Over the next decade we are likely to experience vast changes in how individuals and organisations engage with knowledge. The liberation of knowledge has the potential to make an incredibly positive impact on the world we live in, from the daily life of the individual all the way up to the global scale. The concluding plenary session of KQ2019 will look at what the future of knowledge-sharing may look like, particularly in light of emerging technological trends. 

Chaired by Wired UK’s Business Editor Katia Moskvitch, the expert panel for this enlightening session includes Tonya Nelson, the Arts Council’s Director of Arts, Technology and Innovation, F1000’s Publishing Director Michael Markie, Maria Nelson- Head of Innovation at Digital Catapult, UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, and New York-based journalist and tech writer Clive Thompson.  Together they will address and discuss the thrilling new landscape which is emerging in the digital world, and look at how knowledge industries can effectively navigate the dizzying, fast-moving currents of technological and cultural change.

Speakers and Chair:

  • Chaired by Katia Moskvitch, Business Editor, Wired UK
  • Tonya Nelson, Director of Arts Technology and Innovation, Arts Council England
  • Michael Markie, Publishing Director, F1000 Platforms
  • Maria Nelson, Head of Open Innovation, Digital Catapult
  • Clive Thompson, Journalist and Tech writer

This session is being delivered by the Knowledge Quarter.

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