The Dream of a Common Language

Workshop, Parallel Sessions

Poet in the City presents a poetry-inspired workshop for leaders and changemakers, interrogating the need to incorporate those affected by your decisions into the decision making process, and how to embed this philosophy within your organisation to genuinely benefit stakeholders.

Even during a time when there has been a noticeable shift in diversity policies across the sector, massive barriers to inclusion remain and we often don’t have the language to address this. Poet in the City is one of the UK’s leading poetry organisations producing ambitious live events and experiences that allow people and places to tell their stories, connecting diverse audiences through poetry.  We are experts in creating platforms for innovative ideas and complex issues, and pioneer new ways of working, developing the sector through intermedial practice, co-curation and supporting emerging artists and producers.

Poetry is an innovative platform through which to foster inclusivity, creating a democratic space for interrogating the issues of our time, and a common language for exploring solutions. Poets can be mirrors to society, able to represent themselves and wider communities through their dexterity with language. Celebrating difference, appropriate representation and carving out space for different stories and voices therefore runs through the core of our work, and as a producer, we are constantly thinking about our efficacy in these areas.

In collaboration with a poet facilitator, we will explore and reflect upon:

  • How do we become better at representing the communities that we wish to include? Who are the first people you consult when making decisions that will affect different communities?
  • How do we create a more inclusive language? Why does language sometimes jar when describing someone else’s experience?
  • How can the Knowledge Quarter be at the forefront of breaking down the barriers that divide us, and work together toward meaningful change?

Speakers and Chair:

  • Jasmine White, Programme Manager, Poet in the City
  • Inua Ellams, Poet, playwright and performer

This session is being delivered by Knowledge Quarter partner Poet in the City.

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