Sometimes it’s Under the Apple Tree

Panel Discussion

The contemporary lifecycle of places of knowledge and innovation is so much more than the old image of white coats in labs, or dark rooms of quiet reflection. Today it is a journey from discovery and innovation, through testing and commercial translation, to full commercialisation and implementation. Such a broad lifecycle is populated by a diverse range of people seeking a diverse choice of the places and spaces to use. The highly skilled people who energise these system are increasingly in demand. As such, they are able to expect and ask for not only career and commercial outcomes, but a broader quality of life for themselves and their families. So what are the physical and non-physical places that facilitate this broad range of technical, social, and political requirements?

Speakers and Chair:

  • Chaired by Malcolm Smith, Global Masterplanning and Urban Design Leader, Arup
  • Will Cavendish, Global Leader, Digital Services, Arup
  • Prof. Kate Jeffery, Director, Institute for Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Juliette Morgan, Head of Campus, British Land
  • Paul Kirby, CEO, Zinc

This session is being delivered by Knowledge Quarter partner Arup.

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